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Exceptional Briard Puppies Available

Highly desired European bloodlines. Both parents were imported from a well-regarded breeder in the Czech Republic and come from championship lines. Her dogs are renowned for their excellent temperaments and beauty.  She has produced many successful show and working champions.

Although show quality and very responsive, work and family have kept us from pursuing championships or degrees for our own dogs. Instead, they spend their days as our constant companions, loving and protecting our family as only Briards can. Like most Briards, our dogs have high levels of discernment along with keen and entertaining senses of humor. They fully embody the famous Briard description: confident, smart, faithful, and are truly “hearts wrapped in fur.” They are treasured members of our family. We love them, and they love us back a hundred times tenfold. 

The Proud Parents

The Sire

The Sire: “Catch the Moment” is a large gorgeous Briard with the sweetest, most humorous personality.  We call him Wolfgang, or “Wolfie.” He is 7.5 years old. We decided to...

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The Dam

The Dam: “Witch of Darkness” is a gentle, sweet, sensitive soul, and super smart!  We call her “La Magie” (French for Magic) and magical she is! She was sent to...

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Wolfie and Magie had ten beautiful and healthy puppies. We are thrilled that they have all been placed in loving homes.

The Briard Puppies!

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